Music Ministry – Music Time

Welcome to “Music Time” with Miss Amy and Mr. Jeff for all 4K through 2nd Graders. [or anyone young at heart.]  Watch for future updates!

The Hello Song

Click on the video to sing and learn the song in various languages.

Lesson #5 – Move to the Steady Beat

Mr. Jeff helps you keep on a steady beat


Lesson #4 Jesus Loves Me [with Hand Signs]

Mr. Jeff and Miss Amy share the song “Jesus Loves Me” and ask you to add Hand Signs to the Refrain.

Lesson #3 Same & Different Part 2

Mr. Jeff ask you to listen to music samples, if they are the Same of Different.

Lesson #2 Same & Different Part 1

Play a game with Mr. Jeff, finding what is the same or different.

Lesson #1 ♦ Your 4 Voices

Discover that you have 4 different voices that you use almost everyday.

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